Rwanda for the Holidays

Father Ganza with the kids coming on the trip. (credit: Mercer Island Reporter)
I’m about to set off for a few weeks in Rwanda with my and a few other families. This trip started with my friend Julie Coleman introduced us to Father Ganza, a Jesuit priest and a survivor of the 1994 Rwandan genocide. He is currently back in Rwanda completing his third Master’s degree through Seattle University and building the new St. Ignatious school. When we met, he compellingly urged us to come to see the miracle of recovery happening there. We’re going to pitch in to help build a room in the new school house.

From there, other opportunities started to crop up seemingly everywhere. We’ll visit the Gashora Girls Academy, the school created by the Rwanda Girls Initiative which was co-founded by my friend Soozi McGill to develop secondary education for Rwandan girls. We’ll also visit Rwanda’s only ice cream shop, opened last June by Blue Marble Dreams, the non-profit side of Brooklyn’s own Blue Marble Ice Cream, and we’ll get to see the dairy farm and co-op that supplies their milk.

Next time you hear from me it will be from the other side of the world!
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