Kurt's Flatiron Faves - Union Square Greenmarket

In my travels, I always keep my eyes out for farmer’s markets. in a new town it can be hard  to know where to get the good stuff, especially when it comes to produce. Really though, that’s just the beginning. A lot of my best ideas for the kitchen actually come to me while I’m watching the motley market-goers pass by those many marvelous treasures.

The Union Square Greenmarket is exceptional because there are so many local sources represented there. I’ve seen food from New York rooftops and suburban New Jersey yards, even Pennsylvania and Connecticut. And that’s really what New York’s all about, isn’t it? It’s that vibrance that comes from so much diversity in such a small area. It really is pretty inspiring.

Do you have any good stories about the Union Square Greenmarket? Or maybe a favorite vendor there? Please share in the comments!
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