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Hello everyone!

Between Beecher's Seattle & New York, the three Pasta & Co's, and Bennett's, recipe ideas fly around my world in delicious swarms. Even after the Pure Food cookbook came out, I still felt like there was so much more good food I wanted to share. And that was almost four years ago!
I'm not here to sell more cookbooks - in fact, this blog is almost the opposite of that.  I've always said that good food is one of the best things that bring us together. A healthy repertoire of recipes is the foundation for building that type of strong community, and strong family.
So what I want to do with this blog, the carne diem, is to have a place that I can share some of the recipes that I'm working on, for my family, for my restaurants, and just for fun.
Some of the recipes will be complete, intended to be taken as is. Other recipes will be works in progress, dishes that I'm tinkering with and want to hear feedback as people try them.
Later this week we'll start with the first recipe: an asparagus soup made with cheese, hazelnuts and a couple dashes of Cholula for some added excitement.
Stay tuned - I can't wait to share ideas with you and hear some of your own!
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